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Fri, 04/05/2013 - 20:30

Hair on Hide Bean Bag Stool-on GILT today! An 18 x 18 inch square that is 12 inches high...this ideal stool is great to throw a bunch around a cocktail table for family game night or dinner and drinks with friends...TO a great oveall stool to pop your feet up on while you lay lazily on the floor. Think what could you do with it!? See the other cool stools they have on GILT today too...they are a great "bargain" site for those that have never been-Enjoy!! Go onto GILT or follow the link here:

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 20:33

Good's a Sink Strainer..... but it truly is so super terrific...I felt I had to share!!!  It works extremely well, fit easily into my sink drain, is easy to pull out and very easy clean out. What I like best, compared to more traditional strainers, is that it really has a big "pocket" to catch everything in the sink, yet STILL drain. Big plus. I also loved the need to buy anything expensive. The quality seems terrific! What I also like is that the rim of the stainless blends in with my sink, while the black silicone seems to disappear. No chunky visual eyesores. This not only supersedes serving a purpose, it fit beautifully into my budget and is simply easy to use! Go buy one if you need one!! Oxo Good Grips They are at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Khol's and Amazon...about $7.99-9.99 depending on where you shop! 



Wed, 03/06/2013 - 23:06

A 1960's Italian Brutalist Patinated Iron Table Lamp-I love this whole 1960's period that encapsulated the hard core aspect of metal, such as the Curtis Jere pieces that have re-surfaced in the last decade, with an object that isotherwise functional, or in appearance to have a "softer" side. This piece is harder to find and cost thousands, but you can search out other Brutalist styles that don't command such a high price point. Enjoy the journey!

Tue, 02/26/2013 - 23:02

Small and easy to use for any type of storage, these plank style vintage inspired tubs have just the right distressing...and I LOVE the stencil for a year that Kennedy was still a senator, Elvis was still a real life person, and Woolworth's lunch counter makes important history (all Wikipedia!) Grab these while you can for $12!




Tue, 02/19/2013 - 21:58

Can't get enough of seeing something practical, like an end table, being a visual masterpiece. Love the contrast of the metal with the soft waved curves at each side. The large round studs are an exceptional choice for more texture -place a cool vintage mid century ceramic lamp on top, your fave design book and you will look like a real know-it-all ;-) At One Kings Lane..if you haven't been-GO!!! Great daily deals.

Tue, 02/19/2013 - 21:46

Starting something MODERN RUSTIC VINTAGE ideas and thoughts for my blog. As an interior designer, vintage EVERYTHING lover and to add,  a vintage jewelry shop owner (…on ETSY-here’s my plug-in ;-) ) ...I am consistently obsessing over new found loves and ways to UPCYCLE my world and create a home interior that I love (never ending process though!)

My recent obsession has been, again, vintage kitchens. Dealing with Victorian lockets in my jewelry shop, I find many that have old photos…some from the late 1800’s…so I began to see how our ancestors lived and what their everyday interiors were like…and mostly fell in love with the LARGE rustic, modern kitchens of their time. This is mostly because I live in NYC and we never have a big enough kitchen here-space is a forever dream.  SO on a simple side, I love the way everything was displayed. Yup, this is classic, well known knowledge…but what is new for me was the many JELLY and CAKE MOLDS that people used in those days! They are heavy and metal and beautifully created with detail. The old Victorian molds can run hundreds if not thousands of dollars today, found at Christies and on Ebay. For the rest of us though, a good solid Nordic Ware mold displayed on the wall in groups next to the stove can work as well. Use it for your classic country kitchen or add as a cool detail to your modern, chic, hipster hangout. Even use it as a tea light candle holder for a fabulous wedding or just a romantic dinner for two. The Victorian era can live on!